the retreat

Restore your mind, body & soul.

Tucked away from the bustling streets of Exeter City centre, the retreat spa, rediscover your calm.

Upon entering the spa, pour yourself a drink from one of our fresh, cold-water dispensers.

Choosing from either thirst-quenching refreshing fruits or sharp exotic citrus to rehydrate and enhance your senses. and prepare yourself for a luxurious experience in the retreat spa.


Starting with our experience shower , indulge yourself with the waterfall jets and fresh scents preparing the body for an unforgettable journey.


Once showered, head straight for the steam room, sitting at a warm 40+ degrees celsius, just 10-15 minutes has proven to lower blood pressure, improve skin health and aids in removing toxins.

Take a seat, unwind, and relax in the sauna whilst the dry heat works through the body, the sauna sitting at a comfortable 80+ degrees is perfect for clearing congestion, lowering joint stiffness, and improve circulation.


Finally, after another glass of refreshing water and a quick shower , head up the stairs to the two large hydro pools and indulge in the warm water and bubbles to wash away your troubles.

Stay as long as you desire and remember to keep hydrated and worry free.

The Retreat